1:1 Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) Coaching Program

Clinical Research is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s GROWING!

NOW is the time to join!

Why not build a career advancing healthcare in a financially strong industry?

The journey in becoming a clinical research professional can be a long and daunting one without clinical research training (especially one that isn’t tailored to your needs!) 

In this program, I will walk you through each step of the clinical trial process and how you can begin your career in clinical research. 

Here are a few reasons to pursue a career in clinical research:

  • You want to help others and make a difference

  • Helping to advance treatment and drugs

  • You a looking for a challenge

  • Switching careers

This program will also provide special individualized training tailored to YOUR specific needs as it pertains to clinical research.

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The clinical trial assistant can have varying job roles depending on the place at which they are working. It could be a clinical research assistant working with the primary clinical research coordinator at a clinical trial site. In addition to the clinical research assistants at the site level, there could also be sponsor level clinical trial assistants too. They assist the clinical research associates, helping with the preparation of trial master files as well as FDA Form 1572 preparation and forming other templates to be sent to clinical trial sites. Usually, an in-house job role, the clinical research assistant works in meeting timelines and supports in meeting the company milestones with appropriate storing of documents by preparing for documentation audits.

Upon completion of one of these clinical research training programs, you will:

  • Understand the basic concepts in clinical research
  • Understand FDA regulations and the ICH GCP Guidelines
  • Gain Valuable Insight into Clinical Trial Protocols and how they are executed
  • Know where to look for clinical research positions with sponsors, CROs and recruiters
  • Receive interview tips and guidelines, resume review, help with cover letters etc.
  • Look for opportunities online and show you how to network with the right people
  • You will learn how to search for onsite clinical research experience
  • Learn about salary expectations and different career pathways
  • Unlimited coaching and support....and more!

Making your way through this industry can take a long time without any specialized training.

Wouldn't it be ideal to put yourself in the best position to hit the ground running if you were to be employed by a sponsor or CRO?

Let me help you get a head start in this hidden clinical research industry today.

My goal is to help you begin your career and to help you impress recruiters, interviewers with your clinical research knowledge.

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