Principal Investigator Starter Course

 Clinical Research is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s GROWING!

NOW is the time to join!

Why not build a career advancing healthcare in a financially strong industry?

The journey in becoming a clinical research professional can be a long and daunting one without clinical research training (especially one that isn’t tailored to your needs!) 

In this program, I will walk you through each step of the clinical trial process and how you can begin your career in clinical research. 

Here are a few reasons to pursue a career in clinical research:

  • You want to help others and make a difference

  • Helping to advance treatment and drugs

  • You a looking for a challenge

  • Switching careers

This program will also provide special individualized training tailored to YOUR specific needs as it pertains to clinical research.

Principal Investigator Starter Package

At a clinical trial site, the principal investigator is responsible for the conduct of the clinical trial. Principal investigators of a clinical trial is the primary person who is responsible for the preparation as well as conduct and administration of the clinical trial at a clinical trial site after the clinical trial has been granted by the sponsor. These are the scientists and clinicians performing clinical research from varied disciplines with a range of academic qualifications.  The sub-investigators are delegated by the principal investigator to help with the clinical trial conduct. 

Upon completion of this clinical research training programs, you will:

  • Understand the basic concepts in clinical research
  • Understand FDA regulations and the ICH GCP Guidelines
  • Gain Valuable Insight into Clinical Trial Protocols and how they are executed
  • Know where to look for clinical research positions with sponsors, CROs and recruiters
  • Receive interview tips and guidelines, resume review, help with cover letters etc.
  • Look for opportunities online and show you how to network with the right people
  • You will learn how to search for onsite clinical research experience
  • Learn about salary expectations and different career pathways
  • Unlimited coaching and support....and more!

Making your way through this industry can take a long time without any specialized training.

Wouldn't it be ideal to put yourself in the best position to hit the ground running if you were selected to be a principal investigator by a sponsor or CRO?

Let me help you get a head start in this hidden clinical research industry today.

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Principal Investigator Starter Package