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Clinical Trial Jargon Made Simple

Clinical Research is an interesting and intriguing career pathway, which has many opportunities to offer. Before a new drug or a device hits the market, there is a long journey to hit the road to success. This platform offers the first steps in deciphering the code of  clinical trial conduct at the site level.

Come here to learn the basics in a simplified way to add value to your career. 

This course is open for anyone who is interested in better understanding the practical side of clinical trials conducted at sites in a very simplified way. The courses are designed to help individuals achieve their goals in the clinical trial journey as competent clinical research coordinators and clinical research associates. 

Clinical Trials Gov

This popular web based resource provides the public with access to information on publicly and privately funded clinical studies on an array of therapeutic areas. This course helps you to learn more on navigation and importance of it for clinical trial usage in a practical sense.

Drug Development Process

The path to bringing a drug into the market is a collaboration of many parties, working tirelessly to bring the desired output. This lesson entails the clinical trial process of drug development.

Good Clinical Practices (GCP)

Clinical trials ensure the rights, safety and wellbeing of the trial subjects at all times. GCP or good clinical practice is an ethical practice to ensure that the clinical trial participants are well taken care of and this course demonstrates the steps a clinical trial coordinator needs to abide by at all times.

Clinical Research Terms

Technical jargon is quite common in the medical industry. If you are a newbie, then this is a must try course to understand working on clinical trials better.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

High quality data is vital for clinical trial success. Clinical research coordinators, this is your chance to know on how to do your job properly with your data entries and query resolving.

How to Monitor Clinical research Studies

Monitoring is an essential part to maintain the integrity of a clinical trial. There are many important aspects to look into and this course is fully designed to make you a competent clinical research associate